These beers make up our core range and aim to have them all available all year round. There are odd occasions when the demand of our seasonal beers take effect, that we run low on some of our core beers.


Light drinking session beer. Verry hoppy.


3.8% Pale


Dry as a desert. Refreshing as an oasis.


4.1% Pale

Spotland Gold

Crisp hoppy pale ale.


4.1% Pale


Well balanced, full bodied bitter.


3.8% Golden

Monkeytown Mild

Traditional creamy dark mild.


3.9% Dark

Black Bee

Brewed with honey. Rich & creamy


4.5% Black

Double Gold

Full bodied premium bitter.


5.0% Golden

Pale Moonlight

Traditional Pale Ale. Dry & Bitter


4.2% Pale

White Monk

Fresh & clean drinking. A Lingering finish.


4.5% Pale

Thirsty Moon

Premium Bitter. Full bodied. Clean hop finish.


4.6% Light Brown

West Coast IPA

Powerful India Pale Ale. Full of hops.


4.6% Golden

Wobbly Bob

Malt & hop Aroma. Bitter & hoppy finish


6.0% Mid Brown


These beers are brewed at the same period each year and have proved very popular with many customers pre ordering to ensure they beat the high demand.



Fresh hop with an aromatic malty finish.


4.5% Mid Brown


March Hare

Full fruity aroma. Medium bitterness.


4.3% Golden



Light maltiness balanced with fresh spicy hop.


4.5% Light Amber


Black Shadow

Dried fruits in the aroma. Full bodied, lightly bittered, roast malts in the finish.


4.0% Black

May - September

White Tornado

Clear Wheat beer. Fresh tasting. Lingering bitter finish.


4.3% Pale

June - August

Midsummer Madness

Blond beer with a fresh hop aroma leading to a clean dry lingering finish.


4.2% Pale (Lower strength this season)

August - September

Struggling Monkey

Pale Coloured, well balanced beer using English & Polish hops.


4.5% Pale

October - December

Flash Flood

Quite Bitter. Light hop finish with citrus notes


4.1% Pale


Uncle Fester

Smooth on the palate with a lingering bitter finish.


4.3% Light Brown (Lower strength this season)

Rip Rap

Well balanced very ale ale. Suprising amount of body, initially malty, leading to a hoppy finish.


4.1% Pale

November - January


Refreshing initial hop with clean bitter finish and citrus flavours.


4.3% Pale

November - December

Christmas Kiss

Full bodied flavour with underlying pleasing soft bitterness, leading to a lingering hoppy finish.


4.5% Pale


Pale, citrus aroma. Clean hoppy slightly sweet finish.


4.3% Pale


St George's Flag


English pale ale. Light drinking & hoppy.



4.3% Light Golden

May Fly


Sweet hoppy aroma, medium bitterness, full hoppy finish.


4.3% Light Golden


Tennis Elbow


Light Coloured refreshing beer. Perfect for early summer drinking.


4.2% Pale (Lower strength this season)

Sticky Wicket


Rich fulsome light amber beer with a great depth of character.


4.5% Light Amber

October - November

Last Leaf


Full hop charachter/light maltiness


4.5% Pale


Spooky Brew


Fresh hop on the nose. Well rounded hop flavour with lingering finish.


4.3% Reddish Brown (Lower strength this season)



Fresh hop on the nose. good hop flavour with lingering hop finish.


4.5% Light Brown

November - February



Dark rich traditional porter, bitter cocoa flavour with a hint of roasted coffee beans on the nose.


5.0% Black



Well matured rich Christmas Ale with well balanced malt & hops leading to a vinous, sweet malt finish.


7.0% Dark Brown